Through Coolikerane bog one evening in May
Towards a small bogland mere I slowly made my way
The curlews were piping some say a sign of rain
But in my heart that evening there was no room for life's pain.

I felt like a man from heaven who was walking on god's ground
There was beauty in the little mere and beauty all around
With the heathery face of Clara like a monarch looking down
I felt happy in this paradise two miles from Millstreet Town.

I could see old Ballydaly and Caher's rocky height
And the wood down under Clara hill stood clearly in my sight
In the green fields of Coolinarne cattle did softly low
And the skylard singing in the clouds did set my heart aglow

Now some times I feel happy and more time I feel sad
But on this pleasant evening I only could feel glad
And every night the memories come into my dreams
Of beautiful Coolikerane enchanting and serene.

by Francis Duggan

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