...Nothing Just Happen..

Oh! , how painful it is,
We long for it to ease,
It makes us walk with our knees,

How painful it is,
Even if we try,
Not to cry,
But it still makes us cry inside,
But we still hope it will subside,

Why me? , we ask,
On our face we smile,
But that's just a mask,
but let me give you a task,

Look, see why it happened,
Take a book, and note why it happened,
for your mind to be sharpened,
for you to be shapen,
nothing just happen.

by Gugu Ben Mthimunye

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Michael....Found this one quite humorous. The thing about donut shops...usually it's the only place open at 4 am when the rest of the city sleeps and you're dying for a coffee to keep you awake. Most cops these days try to be health conscious, and choose healthier food. Clever poem though! ! Hugs, Dee