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Copy Of Torn

Worst feeling in the sense of new day
Citizen Roads in front of the slogan
Hero of celebration crowded themselves on stage
Strangers are dancing with crazy expectations

All of a sudden the absurdity of time
The best people are in four walls of concrete
From beginning of freedom all are in the mood of shock
Waking up in the middle - people saw mischief in the bud

How to walk on the way to the pleasure of pain
That's all right to say
Valiant refugees are all deprived in life
has broken the silence of silent widows

People's gods are on the left side
That is the sting of the poison
Beast dances in the fortress of the misfortune
Behind the betrothal world

Find peace in Berlin's bibs
Everything goes wrong with false-hood
Agent of secret gods wants the best crowd
Predictive buzzes in artificial wealth

Engage all in ingenuity of nature
The unorthodox sweet juices in city life
Message of the formidable strife
Peoples still find not the definition

Again long in the long running of life
The hero of the fate
Happier on the diverse colorful festival
All are called by fate to the stage of life,
to the wilderness of law,
to the unseen fate of jaw,
to the injustice with inhumanity in sanity,
to the agent of secret gods diary!

Cheap I am at the frontier of life
Travel lonely in monologue Strife


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The long running of life! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Peace, hero, war.Yhis world is in mess/