You copied 99% of my poem and made it your own at,
The title of my pome was: 'DAY BREAK AFRICA';
And you used the same title as well,
But this poem of mine was read on Major T.V.Stations in Africa some years back.
This poem of mine was also PUBLISHED in a Ghanaian Weekly News Paper called, 'The Hints';
June 20-July 5 2003 Edition and i still have a copy of it.

At page 14 you will read my poem, Day Break Africa, with my name and address under it;
I then send the same POEM to,
But it was very strange to see the exact copy of my words at your site.
You changed the number 21 used to 23 because you are 23 years old and,
You were born in 1987;
But the meaning of my 21 was not my age when i wrote this poem in the early 2000.

I know why i used all those words and they have much meaning to me,
But what can i say since you are also another African who had copied my poem?
It is very sad but i am very glad that this poem touched your heart and you made a copy,
But let us be straight to ourselves as poets.

Please try to learn from others better than making the exact copy of somebody's work;
Because copying others works will only promote them than you!
Respect to Africa and respect to the muse of poetry,
And of all who had made it possible for others to learn.

Day break Africa with the muse of my love to teach the world;
For i am an African along the peaceful path of love,
And i still have more for poem lovers who do read poems at

by Edward Kofi Louis

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