It is quiet in Corinella and as peaceful as can be
Just the next stop down from heaven that's how it would seem to me
No factory chimney puffing black smoke polluting the coastal air
One day if I could afford to I'd like to buy a house there.

Every time I visit Corinella the old Village by the sea
White backed magpie he is fluting on high branch of old gum tree
And in the park the familiar call notes of the black and white pee wee
In a place where human kind and Nature seem to live in harmony.

It's a healthy place to live in the smog free air to breathe is clean
And the paddocks of Corinella always looking fresh and green
Five miles in off of the bass highway traffic noise there one doesn't hear
To the Village by the ocean I feel heaven's gate is near.

In Corinella in South West Gippsland time has stood still it would seem
The sort of place where the developers of making their fortunes never dream
It's the sort of place that would bring healing to a soul in disrepair
With it's peace and natural beauty and such places now are rare.

There the spoonbills by the mangroves in the shallows at low tide
With their bills immersed in salt water and their heads swinging from side to side
Search for crustaceans and tiny fishes which they devour greedily
Their home is in Corinella on the mudflats by the sea.

Where the butcherbirds and magpies flute on gum and wattle trees
In a place of peace and beauty where one could feel at ease
In Corinella in South West Gippsland five miles in from the highway
It's a place I'd love to live in and maybe I will one day.

by Francis Duggan

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