SF (15/4/90 / dampier)


Moving Through my life unnoticed
and knowing that no one cares about me
what em i supposed to do
when i get torn away
and thrown in the trash for someone else
to deal with
u know i aint that hard to undastand
yet people say that i am imposable
y em i impossable
y doesnt anyone undastand me
and the person of who i am
i sit in my corner
cryin myself to sleep
wrapped in all of the promises
that no one seems to keep
i no longer cry to myself
no tears left to wash away
just diaries of empty pages
feelings gone a stray
till everything burns
well everyone screams
burning my life burning my dreams
all of this hurt and all of this pain
burning all down as my inner rage
walking through life unnoticed
knowing that no one cares
too consumed in their masteraids
no one see's me there

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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