Cornering Me

I am being cornered,
I lie on one of
Those hot edges of
Walls that burns my
Back, because of the
Brand name of religion,
Caste, creed, gender, race,
Colour, and all that which
God has given to the
Product sent to earth.
Nails of hot water,
Boiling hot water, digs
Into my skin, tearing
The skin apart and
Honouring it with
A flag, the flag of discrimination.
Cold snow chews
Through my skin,
And I stand like a
Half-eaten, leafless tree;
Harsh words lash on
Me, like a whip,
And my guts are
Pulled out of me,
Like pollen grains,
Out of a flower,
Till my mind becomes
Numb, insensitive,
Till the light is
Wiped away, leaving a
Soft white dim light
To shimmer on the green plains.
In a wax of hollering noises,
I search for a wick
Of soft music to
Look at me, to
Rescue me from those
Dragons that breathe
Fire on me,
I wait on the cold floor,
Wanting to be
Absorbed by those walls,
And my identity,
Demolished along with
Them, so that i
Get to see the
Threads of justice weave
Into a cloth in heaven…………

by nithya raghavan

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