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Poem By Egal Bohen

Mystic land
Set in the sea
To catch in summer sun
In winter mist and tree bent storm
The gauntlet for to run

Mystic land of green and gold
And Druid grove
By moonlight cold

With bluest oceans on its shore
That every day beset
With sparkling waters
Fishers nets

Mystic land of rocky cliff
Ancient mound
Where jackdaws drift, and wheel on high
Buzzards soar
Ravens fly

Where eighteen hundred years ago
The ships of Rome did come, and go

Mystic land of thrift and mine
Thy heart is clear to see
For granite stone is hard to break
And so remains
Your history

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Comments (2)

You capture the mystical nature and history of Cornwall perfectly Egal, even down to the thriftness! lol Very fine interpretation of the spirit of the land. I would say the sea is more green though! 9 from smiling Tai
Beautiful. Really capturing the landscape and essence of that place.