Picasso's clouds sprinkled in the sky
and below them
ducks that laugh as
they search for the hidden sun.
The playful sheep,
White clouds of the earth,
Jump invisible obstacles
And speak a calming language
That can be heard only by those
who are willing to understand,
while the soul makes peaceful journeys,
as it discovers this hidden garden of Eden
over and over again.
At the borders of this Paradise
there is the sea..
No words to be said,
just watch it for infinite hours
and the secrets of life will be revealed..

by Ivy Christou

Comments (7)

A quite different semi-abstract poem, with nature's beauty in colorful, subtle, rhythmic brush strokes. Beautiful write.
Now I must praise your ability to write pastoral poetry. Splendid.
A wordscape of timeless seen from a gifted poet's window on the world. Lovely work.Ivy. Warm regards, Sandra
The heart could cry with joy at this one.Your A Star.Love Duncan
Not the Cornwall we have had today, but yes, I know this Cornwall well! Lovely poem. Regards, Lucy
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