God Was With Me At Every Step

I have lost many dreams of mine
some have withered with time
some have never remained beyond imagination
but some rang the bells of contentment
and never vanished from the altar of grace
for they were dreams instilled by God
they were dreams that showed the light
the dreams that made me walk, run and race
before the twilight of my hopes waned;
those dreams were God's own instructions to me
those dreams told me to do my duties
those dreams told me never to fear,
never to back out or withdraw from adversities
those dreams came as challenges that were
never stronger than the force I had within me;
and with resilience backing my determination
I strived to achieve, conquer, be diligent
that my enemies remained behind in their tracks
looking at each other why they had not won the race;
and though they had tried to push me down and hoped
I would stumble, break my limbs or lose my momentum
God was silently holding my hand and lifting me;
every time I gave up, every time I felt to give up
God kept whispering ''try again and again'',
in my ears I could hear His Voice silently saying -
''child, those dreams I showed you were not unreal
you have to open not only the eyes of your own self
but also the eyes of others and let them see
how you ran life's race with dignity and grace
for with every step you kept reaching the finish line
the divine strength I accelerated for you to win,
for you to win, for you to be content without any sin''.

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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I selected the poem for recreation.awesome poem
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