Five days later
We’re still having fun
Cracking open the bow ties
Of the chefs of metropolis
Eating whole plateaus
Mirrored in your eyes
White reflective jackets

Pouncing escalators
of Moma’s undulating,
Frank stairwells
Chrome cigar gardens
lit by C notes
modern seers
pluck the electric cacti
of fur coats
in line
thanks for the
jump start
cut up
nervous taxi
my heart: Frank is the better part of
your heart poetry?

Red dot on my forehead:
married to poetry
more like a neglected lover
Or one I save up for —
Express the F stop — I’m reading to Queens
your poetry beside Anne Bradstreet’s
to my dear and loving husband
which Harry Diaz read and
2 lines of
so I’ll bring the whole thing
to him to class
to read and
to enjoy tomorrow

by Lee Ann Brown

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