Corporate Crims

Some of the World's super rich in jail now serving time
But in their instance their punishment doesn't seem to fit their crime
For making hundreds of their Company shareholders poorer they serve just a few years
Yet for their loss of honour they do not shed any tears.
One law for the rich and the other for the poor so happens to be true
The bank robber gets twenty years and the Corporate crims are out in two
To go back to their devious ways and start their lives anew
In big business the flawed are many and the free of taint are few.
A different law for the battler than that for the millionaire
The Corporate crim receives the lightest sentence doesn't life seem so unfair
Money does speak every language 'tis always been that way
And your postal address speaks more of you than words can ever say.
The bank robber gets twenty years the Corporate crim is out in three
Even the Law by money seems influenced that seems all wrong to me
The underclass for breaking the Law have to be seen to pay
But two years in jail for the Corporate crim in the Law's eyes quite okay
Those who say the Law treats everybody as equal do believe their own lie
Since equality for everyone even in Court of Law does not apply.

by Francis Duggan

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