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Corporeal Tremor Combine

Be in delight, savor the petals of my mind
Curl your toes, arc your bones
Thrill your thighs, don’t make a sigh
Look, look deep into my eyes
Feel the prickle, its twinkling tickle
Blood rush, corporeal tremor combine
To gaze the dancing butterflies and rubies
Hiding under the softy velvet quilt and sheets
Be my slave, in awhile I’ll surrender my cave
But…….Hhhmmm I’ll do it slow, so slow
First, just a kiss to the toes
Feeling bit ardent to my sizzling salivary candies
Where my luscious sexy kisses roaming, below
Licking those contours and bread muscles
Later will expose the diamond castle
Slowly, slowly going to the lip-smacking ivory
There you moan, you groan so sexy
Singing the devilish song of ecstasy
Curling your toes swinging your bones to me
Only to me...................


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Rudyard Kipling


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