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JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


I am a corpse-
See me lying there in the casket before you.
I took my own life,
Though the suit I wear covers the bloodied wrists well.
I lived without hope,
And so I died-
Without hope,
Without a true friend.
I ever loved, and lost,
And am lost,
As has once before been said.
And now, having lost,
I died,
Killing myself,
Sacrifice to loneliness.
I am a corpse-
Do not pity me, now, because you never did while I yet breathed.
Rather take to heart the lesson I wish to teach-
Love only when you have nothing to lose.
Laugh only when there is no other sound but the screaming.
Lie to live,
Live to lie,
And therefore die.
You cannot care,
So do not say that you do;
To do so is to lie, thinking it may make me happy.
But it is not so- I knew that you lied,
When you said you cared.
I could see the lies circling in your eyes,
And I knew them for what they were-
Empty promises of love that you would never give me.
I could not face them again,
Therefore I am as I am now-
A corpse,
In reality what I have long been in myth.
In body what I have long been in soul.

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