A Few Of My Favourite Things

The cosy feeling when the rain pelts down
That urges me to sleep more,
The howling wind that whistles and whispers
Around the windows, through the walls,
The tiny moth whose abdomen moves
Side to side, side to side,
The butterflies who visit
Each flower throughout the day,
The wind blowing through the sour grass
That competes with the ocean’s waves,
The sunrise and sunset
Whose colours forever amaze me,
The moon’s soft light
And the diamond stars.

First written on Sunday,29th September 2002
Last four verses added on Saturday,15th May 2004

by Michelle Freeman

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Well, isn't that a story? Love, Gina.
To consentrate on meaning is to consentrate on the real interpretaion. Lets not take away the something beautiful for the sake of the something trivial like small technical so-called errors that lie behind A thought-provoking write Very interesting Love Duncan