Correcting Proofs

On two pages of Les Fleurs
the title wasn’t “FLEURS” but “FEURS, ”
and Baudelaire found useful rhyming
dictionaries to help his timing,
the process of his proof correction
made easier by their direction
to rhymes that matched the widowed lines
that lack of rhyming undermines.
We all need help correcting proofs,
not splitting as much kosher hoofs
infinitives, for reader pedants
will look for these and say: “Good riddance, ”
but more offensive yet are typos,
which reek to heaven like soiled diapers.
Had Baudelaire had expertise
he might well have avoided these,
and been as famous as I am,
and less embarrassing than spam.


by gershon hepner

Comments (2)

Well, isn't that a story? Love, Gina.
To consentrate on meaning is to consentrate on the real interpretaion. Lets not take away the something beautiful for the sake of the something trivial like small technical so-called errors that lie behind A thought-provoking write Very interesting Love Duncan