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JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)


Poem By Jo Lynn EhnesAllen

In pools of liquid acid blues
my essence slowly drowns.
Immersed in stinging words of truth,
corrosive hurt compounds.

Disintegration of the heart
ensues from caustic pains.
Emotions scarred forevermore;
a hollow gap remains.

Evacuated from the breach;
a blackened residue,
consisting of eroded love
with tints of hopeless hue–

Combined inside a crystal vial
with blood from fatal blows,
a mortar's mixed to fill the void
before the fissure grows.

Deluged by yards of healing bond
the chasm quickly wanes
but tainted are the elements
this remedy contains.

Though reconstruction seals the wound
the emptiness abides.
No sealant forged restores a heart
where sorrow's ghost resides.

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Comments (2)

A poem that really does completely work!
I absolutely loved this, Jo. Such a fresh deployment of language, perfectly punctuated...it is consistently strong. So very deftly crafted.10/10.