I spring from haunts of Yadavs and Panwars;
I make fast and sudden tally
And hide it in the dark drawers,
And show my power in rally.

By dark lanes I march down,
Or jumps through the hinges,
From villages to towns to cities I frown,
Crossing over odds and ridges.

Till last by Ali’s and Telgi’s farm I flow,
To join the glittering harbor,
For men may come and men may go,
But I remain for ever.

I chatter and cross over secular ways,
Unmindful of law and justice,
I inflate by socialist and social justice bays,
I babble on voters’ ways rustic and pathetic.

With currency notes stashed, wardrobes I fume and fret
By many a constituency but hallow,
Enjoying the nights of fairies wet
Decorated with roses bright but shallow.

I boast and blow, as I glow
To join the dark world here,
Crowns may come and crowns may go,
But I remain for ever.

I air about, Sonia, Mohan in and out,
They make way for smooth sailing,
Every where cheered by lusty touts,
And here and there live in Raja-Maya wing.

Sometimes watched by Annas’ flake,
Me and my comrades, as I gravel
But come to my rescue high and mighty fake,
When on rocky terrain, I travel.

I reside in palaces on lush green plots,
I steal by gun totting covers,
Ages may come and ages may go,
But I will remain for ever.

Welcomed by sweet perfumed lass,
Those rare for happy young suitors,
I dance, I laugh, I chat, I glance,
Among my plotting followers.

I make my stinking leaders dance and cheer,
By my fat pockets and bags,
I laugh under dark clouds and hidden star,
I loiter around to fear rags and wags.

Out again and again, I flow;
I ring my bells wild without fear,
Armies will come and armies will go,
But I remain for ever.

by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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