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There is a corruption around our cities and our states
Where greed and power and privileges alone dictates,
The government wants to own us and then take control
The police wants to be our vengeance, and judges want to be our soul.
If we are erred against, they want to seek our retribution
Do they believe that them controlling our lives is the only solution,
We are treated like children as though they know what is the best for us
But, it is not any of them, but only in God that I truly trust.

Elected politicians work for the taxpayers, which is both you and I
Then by honor and GOD, them I must assuredly will deny,
How can a paid servant who works less hours make more than his boss
To that question alone I can't answer, I am still at a total loss,
We say no, we scream no to a law to which politicians happily say yes
Politicians care only for themselves, someday to that they all will confess,
We are taxed, and we are taxed until we all are left broke and poor
So, why not send the politicians who will profit, off to our countries war.

When politicians get together do they all sing the same old hymn
It's not what is the best for us, it is always what is the best for them,
They will not listen to us, even when we shout and demonstrate and vote
Maybe it is time for us the constituents that we all should stand up and revolt,
We pay their wages and we give them paid retirements and free healthcare
So, why do they think the rest of us should live in poverty and despair,
There is a corruption around us, and it's all in our government
Maybe we should impeach and then destroy, and then create a new blueprint.

Randy L. McClave

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