The Night At The Hospital

A tear rolls down your cheek
And off your chin.
But, this tear is unique.
It has happiness and pain within.

I will stay all week by your side.
As you lay down in this hospital room.
My tears for you, I try to hide.
On my face, I put a costume.

Theres no need for you to see me upset.
It would only make you feel depressed.
If I smoked, I would light up a cigarette.
Cause right now, I'm just so stressed.

I keep thinking about how this is all my fault.
How I couldn't stop the accident.
It feels like I committed assault.
I should have been there during the incident.

If I didn't want to stay with you so bad, I would take a walk.
I know you would say I'm not to blame.
You would if the pain would let you talk.
You don't know what I would give to hear you say my name.

You know when the sun starts to rise,
That I will still be sitting over there.
I can tell by your eyes that it will be no surprise,
I will still be sitting in this metal chair.

I'm glad you finally fell a sleep.
During sleep, you are pain free.
Now I can finally weep,
Because I know you can't see.

I hope you dream well and long.
A dream with no sadness and pain.
When you wake up, please remain strong.
I will be here so you don't go insane.

I sit in my chair thinking all night.
Hopeing I wake up to you feeling ok.
That would be a wonderful sight.
But that morning is still far away.

I manage to close my eyes.
And take a little short rest.
Even though I don't think its wise.
But, it may be for the best.

My rest was only maybe an hour.
I'm so worried about you I can't sleep at all.
Its to the point were I feel I have no power.
I finally relize I can't control or protect everything around me.

Theres nothing left to do,
But sit here by your bed.
And wait until you wake up to the morning dew.
Then help you face what lies ahead.

by Claude Davis III

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