Cosmic Consciousness

We gaze at the wondrous canopy of starry galaxies
And we rejoice at the miraculous beauty of life!
Our hearts, minds, and souls, are attuned to the divine display,
And we realize, the stupendous scope of God's Creation!
Raising our tear-dimmed eyes, to the bright starry skies,
We are constantly amazed at each blazing phenomenon,
That is surely beyond the knowledge of our reason!
We are mystified by this divine galactic display,
Blazing through an eternity of boundless space!
Galactic constellations crowd our mental horizon,
As we assay to philosophize,and we seek solace,
In God's great love for humanity, which inspired His Creation
To be carefully planned and skillfully executed,
With an exactitude and minuteness of detail,
That appalls and awes, the student of Nature!
Our divine Souls are housed in bodies frail,
In comparison to God's created colossal masterpieces,
That endure long past the time the clay-
Of each human being, returns to the original elements,
But our immortal Soul, returns to God; Who gave It!

by Joseph Katz

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