(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

Cosmic Fantasy

The more cosmical your vision appear
The more authentic your fantasy
The closer everyone emerge as
More fascination the world incline to be

Images come forth that coming occurance
Casts our shadows before our eyes
A crystal ball's optics enters our perception
Ascertaining sincerity and acknowledge the lies

The more frolic the cruise, more glee for everyone
The merrier the blues breathe, more mirthful you become

Images commence to tango
Coercing us to spring for gratification
Applying music as our arsenal
Universal harmony is in anticipation

the Rainbow is Coming Hard At Removing Darkness
so Come Over Where Love Eats Sadness

The more hectict things get
More demented our consciousness are
The more outrageous we are
The contagious we're to the stars
Ensambled amidst the rainbow
With a pocketful of miracles
Repeatidly heard continuosly
With no termination when reached its pinnacle

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