To The One I Love

And if eternity is the time I must wait
Than I will wait all eternity
For as the earth crumbles away
My feelings are indestructible
And if you keep going on your way
Im afraid to say
I may always be trapped in this game
For as long as the sun rises
And the stars shine
My feeling for you will stay the same

by Love Hurts

Comments (2)

An amazing thought. A beautiful idea. You are correct, the world is still in braille; I wish I could read the words, hear the song, sing along.
This is a great one Patti. So true, The amazing stars and heaven. If only once in a hundred years they would come out, what a miracle it would be. But we are given it so often that we fail to appreciate it any longer. We can see but we read in Braille, a fantastic thought.