Cosmos Thrilling Madness, -My Empress! To Loveangel Dean, -A Token Of Friendship.

Thank you for your kindness/
'My whole heart rises to bless'/
My humble link finds a phase
In the solitude of my Empress/

The tattered and the flattered are gone/
There is no even the residue of fun
/ The joy of unknown has flown
Away all the traps of animal –mind
And somewhere in no where
/Say a complete bare
You, dearest I find.

The craving-burden,
And burden for cravings,
Prove miserable the honey dwellings,
And cancer desires flicker,
The masquerades for nothing. The

Hey tinged glow,
Hey light-mediated flow,
Hey cosmos-thrilling madness,
I have loved you O –my Empress.

by Bazi alis Subrata Ray

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