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Inside me is a universe that sits cosmically quiet
Amidst the roundabout of my inhabitant.
An endless flow of eccentric thoughts moving evenly
Like dribs in the root of my up-spawning plants.

I grow in perfect communion with the stars above me
Each shoots brightly to shower me with their dust.
A downpour of brilliance navigating the vastness of sky
I am the puddle, kissed by its moon-pool and lush.

I am the wind, blown to every corners of the horizon
A complete liberty to choose the path I wish to go.
Diverging in every obstruction but remained as one
Liberation in every impediment that I blow.

I am harmony, the silent union of everything.
The reverberation of every heartbeat and spirits
That journeyed towards the path of lucid eternity
A chartered course, in breathing moments of solitude.

I am destiny; I am fate, to which all fall prey into
The silent eye that sees through every human passage
The beam that balances the every action taken
That shapes the final meaning to a higher self existence.

I am god, the enlightened one, the seer, the all knowing
The master that harness his spirit in a higher plane of awareness
Heightened reality into the dwelling place of the sacred soul
I am my own knowing in a flight towards self awakening.

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