Cosplaying In The City

Walking along in the city
I see and hear of a festival or convention of some sorts
With a dizzying array of costumes and colors

They're all cosplaying in the city
And I'm fascinated by it all
Many girls I see are dressed up like the Gullwings from Final Fantasy
Many guys I see are dressed up from the history of Castlevania

I want to be one of them
I want to be like them in their own little worlds
And be taken away in the atmosphere of it all

So I do my best to fit in
To be in a world like they're in
And I'm finally cloaked in costume
We all talk
We all laugh
We all have a ball
We're all in an amazing wonder of it all

We're all cosplaying in the city
And we're all an army of characters and colors

by Justin Gildow

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