(June 30,1948 / New York, NY USA)

Cottonwoods Of Corrales

Thanks to Mick Zerr

up and out
and rooting deep

stout trunks
gnarled bark
and brawny limbs

which hang profuse
in fruitlike bunches

like sentinels—
they line the narrow road.

In their thriving
in the desert—
their ripe vitality—

a picture—message—
that has stayed till now
when I am nearly seventy.

by Glen Kappy

Comments (2)

Leaves which hang profuse in fruit like bunches - an allegory! The elders, the senior citizens who wait along the narrow lane! Beautifully worded with a powerful insight! Loved the poem, Glen
Nice poem, Glen. I've done my homework and read about the cottonwoods of Albuquerque especially the Corrales Bosque that is sadly dying. No doubt your allegorical reference is to the man of Psalm 1.