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After a hard shift working at the mill
I am so excited to come home to a hearty meal
While my head is aching and my muscles still hurt
I am so very excited to get home from work
But before I kiss my wife or my child on the head
Even before I take a shower and head off to bed
One thing makes me happy so I am not such a crouch
That is when I sit down, and relax upon my couch.

Made out of wood, and covered with leather
My couch is my companion and we are joined together
My magazines and mail are placed upon its seat
And sometimes when I come home that is where I will eat
My child has his table, and my wife has her armchair
And I have my own sofa, and it is mine I do declare
My chair gives ease, but sometimes it causes me to slouch
How much I enjoy that comfort and the softness of my couch.

My couch is my comforter and it is my throne
It is where I read my paper and where I enjoy being alone
It is also where I relax and where my decisions are made
And every year from that seat, I enjoy the Christmas parade
Sometimes when I am tired, and I need a quick rest
That is where I sit, but it’s never available for a guest
I always do my best thinking upon that sofa I will vouch
The world it is cruel, but it is much kinder when I sit on my couch.

Randy L. McClave

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