Could Be

I could be the mountain
I can top the world of my own life
All beneath the clouds will praise
The power of me to control everything

I could be the sky
And embrace all living below
They will put their hope on me
And trust me as their guardian

I could be the thunder
So I can blast away all my enemies
I will go faster than any sound in this world
And nothing can slow me down

I could be the sun
I will lie the warmth on everyone
They will greet me in the morning
And we'll say good night in the afternoon

I could be the stars
Wandering this universe all night long
I'll go with those who came before me
Crossing the faith while I fall on somewhere

I could be the ocean
And the waves will be my friends
I will swim through the deepest seas

I could be so strong
And weak at the same time
It's useless when I got power
With no responsibility on my own
If I could be someone to hang onto
Maybe I could be something better for you

by Alexander Foald

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