Could It Be Real

Could it be real?
Real in a fantasy world created with hopeful intentions of capturing reality
What makes reality real?
Real world’s life lessons learned and failed?
What about life’s unanswered prayers and failed hopes?
Are they part of reality just as ideas and thoughts, can’t see or touch them
Could it be real, a dream?

Could it be real?
I see you.
In my dreams, in my created world, perfection as seen fit in my eyes
I see your eyes, and your hands, your smile
I feel you.
I feel your touch, love flowing into me
I feel your skin touching my skin, creating desires and erasing fears, leaving me hungry…

I hear your voice and your big belly laugh
and see your eyes light up
and your heart filling with love
your hands and my hands, together as one
and reality pours from your eyes as you stare into my soul
and reality screams from within your voice
and is confirmed in your laugh
and reality is felt in your skin, my skin, in your touch
and reality is burning inside my hunger for you, for more

I awake from my dream, my perfect world
I lie awake and you’re not there, just inside my fantasy reality world of My Dreams
But it was real as real gets, until I awoke
But I felt it, inside of me
Could it be real?
My dream, could it be real?

by Jennifer Unknown

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Hey! dreams are what reality is made of.
i think u also believe in writing romentic poem much like me...but its nice