BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Could It Be That He Is Feeling Joyous?

I saw the stars tonight “oh Lord”
How brightly they did shine
So I thought I’d sit down and write
A poem to you our Lord
One that would bring you joy as it rhymed

Could it be that you are joyous because
Of the upcoming celebration of your birthday
Are you sending the stars to show us your pleasure
For all of the praises and songs that will be sent up
On Christmas day

Let the stars shine brighter brighter still
They’ve always been my favorites and
Lord they always will

You “Oh Lord” are the brightest star
The ones in the sky just signify
How much you shine in the darkness
As you send unto the earth much light

Lord within the confounds of my heart
I pray that you will always be present
And through my heart show unto others
Your Holy Spirit that lives within me
Which shines ever so bright!
©Copyright 2004 Becky LaPrarie

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