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Could It Be
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

Could It Be

Poem By Francis Utada

Could it be any better
If I met you years ago
Would it be a little happier
If your heart belongs to me

Why time is so unfair
When the good one came
then your heart is not free
Still I believe this is true

What left to me is to hide
the feeling and want to you
Would I survive this endless dream
Now I see the girl in my dreams

Could it be any better
If I never woke up again
Live this dream to forever
Where I can touch your hand

My heart is crying out so load
Wanting more of your embrace
These stolen momet's I'll cherish
For it felt so real and true

Not a game to play
But a love to live with tears
If you could hear my heart
Calling your name to be mine

Baby love can't lie
The feeling shows, you know
If I have to love you this way
Let it be and for deep inside I know

... still i'm happy you came along into my life
though tears are next to me

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why dont u take the chance mark? !