Could Not Care Less

He has been declared bankrupt his finances in a mess
And he owes to the bank five thousand in interest the one known as Could Not Care Less
He says he has already paid the banker twenty thousand on interest quite a huge amount
But such things in bureaucracy never taken into account

He has been given six months by the bank to pay his debt and if he does fail
He will be facing a term in jail
But this does not seem to worry him one bit at all
He says compared to some my biggest troubles are small

His wife left him and with her took their baby daughter due to worry of financial stress
But he says this is her business if she lives at a new address
The two most important people to him out of his life have gone
But he says this is life and life does go on

One on the great gift of hope who does keep faith
He firmly believes that good things come to those who do wait
His financial problems have cost him the loss of his daughter and wife
But still he seems happy and he can laugh at life.

by Francis Duggan

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