Could You

Could you love me?
Could you be inspired by me?
Could you understand me?
Could you remember me?

Could you remain unto me
as the one who honors me?

And the wind will fill my heart and carry me to you.
As the leaves turn crisp and the air clean.
There will be a wealth unseen in my arms for you.

Could you be loved by only me?
Would that be complete for you?
Would you be satisfied
to feel my hair on you arms
and my breath on your neck
for the entirety of days?

Are my hazel eyes enough for you
to gaze into untill we see no more?
And when there are aches
will you bring them to me?
To soothe your spirit
and give you releif.

by Heather Milks

Comments (4)

A romantic lovely poem, love it.
Love and.... Oh, Romance.... thirst.... beautiful. someone will. wonderful piece. keep writing. Most of us write best on an empty stomach and heaving heart. -or love drunk and dreamy. delerious dementing. Pleasure to discover your writing.
if others could love you exactly the way you love them, the problems would other words, i wish.....
Excellent poem Heather...