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Could You Picture Life?

Could you picture life?
Could you picture life?
Misty morning with birds singing melodies,

Could you picture life in the clouds,
The Morning star,
The comets,
The ufos,
The foolishness in racism,

Could you see CNN,
The crimes and the bursting that we play everyday,
The religious crimes,
Could you picture the negation in man?

That we die everyday is sin,
Could you picture?
Love is worth the New World Understanding,
Picture my eyes and see that we all be crying,
My brothers and sisters are dyeing and suffocating,
Picture the New World,

Where the True Understanding will dwell in our heart,
Could you picture?
You and I are no different,
We same creatures that creep for Bread,
Could you picture?
No man better than other,
Could you picture?
The credibility of Human Trust.

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I could picture life is just another ' another gigs in the sky'. beautiful but painful! ! !