Could You Really Call Me Friend?

I met an acquaintance one day, a man that I can even call a friend,
But he became abrupt about God's Word, claiming it's only pretend.

But God's Word is so real, that it even warns of men like my friend,
Both Peter and Jude warned that scoffers would be a sign of The End.

All men filled with pride who won't believe will fall into deception,
For all are destined once to die, and be judged with no exception.

That all men shall confess Jesus is Lord is a foregone conclusion,
And every soul who fails to embrace Truth will be met with delusion.

For when the antichrist is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.
God will allow men to believe the lie and fall prey to his seduction.

For they will be deceived into believing that the antichrist is God,
This is because upon hearing The Truth they simply chose to scoff.

Satan deceives those who are perishing and by him are still enslaved,
They perish because they refused to love The Truth and so be saved.

Each Believer has died in Christ and has crucified their life of sin,
And they no longer live for self, as Christ Jesus now lives within.

It's not me but The Holy Spirit, in whom The Lord Himself did send,
He was sent as Truth for all to heed, regarding the time of The End.

Friend, I know The Truth in The Word of God is fact and not pretend,
And if I don't share Truth with you, could you really call me friend?

(Copyright © 05/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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