Couldn'T Care Less

Known to those who know him as 'Couldn't Care Less'
Since there isn't anyone he wants to impress
Four months ago the factory he worked in closed down he is now on welfare
But that doesn't worry him he doesn't care.

He does not have children or he does not have a wife
But he is one happy enough in his life
He always enjoys his few beers in the pub
And he trains and he plays with the local Footy Club.

In his early thirties broad shouldered, strong and tall
Compared to him some big men even seem small
But outside of the football oval he would not harm a fly
And the tag of gentle giant to him does apply.

Times are at their toughest and factories closing down
And many are now out of work in the town
Inflation is rampant and the economy in a mess
But he's always smiling he couldn't care less.

by Francis Duggan

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