Couldn'T Care Less

Couldn't care less if it's commercial;
If you think the hook's too much.
The song says love is no rehearsal:
words burn of take-me-and-touch.

'Hurts so good...' I want to quote the rest
but I might get sued...

He makes me lust after flannel
shirts with long sleeves rolled up.
Move right away to Indiana;
I'll learn to love that mullet!

'Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby...'
well... don't mind if I DO!

Love to belt it out, making it my own.
Never mind I'm neither 'young nor green',
that's way beside the point anymore
'cause he ain't either, this farm boy dream...

(7.30.06 - John Cougar Mellencamp. I saw him back in the late 70's when he was starting out, going by 'Johnny Cougar'. He sang his only hit then twice, once during the concert and as his encore. He opened for Heart. His mullet was in full glory then; wisely, he has since dispensed with the look! Long live John and this song which you must hear to appreciate!)

by Esther Leclerc

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I think I've still got some of his stuff from the early 90s. Unrefined Springsteen/hard edged Steve Earl. And memories of when Heart were a real band too - Dreamboat Annie times. Loads of memories flood back thanks to this one and the free flowing pen of an unregenerate rockster! ! xx jim
I remember John Cougar, and belting out Jack&Diane (dribble off those Bobby Brooks' slacks and...) . Yes, indeed, hold onto sixteen as long as you can- changes comin' round real soon to make us women and men...Did you know it was David Bowie's idea to use 'Cougar'? A little trivia from another CA girl. Cheers!
He must have been good...if you could see past his mullet! You must have only been 3 years old at the time :) and I bet you remember all the words too! Hugz Jack :)
Your tribute is brimful of youthful passion, Esther. Ah.. these musical heroes of our growing up - 'Age does not weary them'. Thanks for sharing, Love, allie xxxxxxxxxxxx
Electrical tributal, Esther...Full of punch & verve, just like MELLENCAMP. Fine Penning, young lady'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr
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