'Couldn'T Tell How I Felt'

Couldn't tell how I felt,
When you slowly walked away.

We started out the same I thought,
In our same old fashion way.

You said, 'Hi',
I returned same back to you,
Was there something else I missed?
Was there more to say or do?

You seemed to want more I guess,
Then what I was showing you?
I was just the same old friend you've known,
For most of those twenty two.

So why then did you leave me,
In the darkness of the night?
You packed your bags and shut the door,
Bought a ticket, booked your flight.

I've heard your not feeling well,
Have a dreaded life desease.
Why did you not share that dear?
With that friend you had in me?

Was it that I wasn't seeing?
What you tried unspoken to share?
Or was it to be your dieing secret?
And thought only God would care?

I'll pray for you my dear friend,
That you would one day give me a shout.
And maybe then we both will know?
What your leaving was really all about?

by Linda Winchell

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