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Counsel Of Hearts
(1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Counsel Of Hearts

Poem By Kewayne Wadley

With a heart that blistered like the sun she called to him.
Fearing that his life would be in danger.
As together their laughter could cure each others illness.
Hands which the water from the fountain of love leaked through their fingers.
With this Zeus became furious seeking everything the light touched.
For her beauty was one to be rivaled.
Emotion capsized when she refused his offerings, power & might in a counsel of clouds.
Still she steadfast with the simplicity and touch eyes could give.
The wits given by each direction Apollo's heart could give.
Her heart would melt with the thought filled gift of one rose rather than a field of a thousand.
The sound of thunder could be heard all over the land as Zeus grew furious with the thought of Apollo.
A fire blazed in his eye as he conspired with Hades.
That once the mortal woman was sleep. To test wits with Apollo and have him killed and dragged to the deepest bowel of the underworld.
That his body be unrecognizable as he pays the ferryman on the river Stix.
As agreed. Once the sound of Apollo's heart lulled the mortal woman to sleep. Hades lurked in the shadows striking quick, fast.
Like a vemonous snake.
Catching Apollo off guard.
Before Apollo could grab his bow and unsheath his arrow.
Hades laughed as Zeus intervened with the strongest and mightiest bolt of lightening he could muster.
Striking and killing Apollo.
The bolt of lightening struck the ground so hard that it woke the woman out of her sleep.
Some say that the crash of lightening was the sound of her heart breaking.
As when she sprung from her sleep she knew what happened. the wells of her eyes were overflowing.
With each step she took towards his lifeless body her heart broke more and more.
The flowers. Both burned and unburned were a representation of heaven and hell.
She grabbed his darkened body that resymboled smoldering coal and held it close.
Ignoring the burns that blistered her hands.
Remembering the smile that greeted her as her tears baptized his cheek.
Zeus drunk with rage did not see the implication of his action.
Again offering his shoulder for comfort.
She turned away, propping herself back against the ground holding Apollo's body. Needing to feel the warmth of him again.
She laid beside him until she herself could see him the same way she did when they first met with hearts that blistered like the Sun in the sky.
Without food to eat.
Without water to drink.
She soon died. Meeting Apollo under the Sun

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