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AS (19th March 1989 / India)


Poem By Ankur Shrivastava

Pendulum of time,
Weighed by memories,
Still swings
From heaven to hell.
And I count....

The moments pass by,
The sandclock races,
To empty it all.
Sands of dream,
Will they hold back,
I count each fleeting second.

Cityclock stuck midnight,
A lunatic traveler
Waits for the last coffee.
And streets will go to bed,
He wont,
He has to count...
The cups of coffees gone cold.

As the rain pours down,
I hide in little hut,
By my window I count...
The paperboats lost in drains.

Each day, each moment
A thousand lies,
Broken dreams,
Prayers never heard
And undying hope...
I count them all

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