(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Count Me In!

7 blue buttons
on the front of your frock.

You've unloosened
the top two.

If you release only one more
.. I...don't...know what...I'll do!

(Oh yes I do!)

I'll let loose every one
& stop

this obsessive button counting!

Count instead

(what ever comes to hand)

& so on &
so on

etc., etc., etc...

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Comments (4)

oh, Donall, this is very funny!
You make loving so much fun! Thank you for this ridiclously sublime meditation on the opening(or not) of buttons and revealing what guys are thinking when we are thinking they are only looking at our nice new frocks. Wot a shock! So they think about so on and so on and etc. etc. etc. I love all the unsaid/said bit and the counting of ahem...other things. Almost made me wee with laughter. Great fun and yourself having it as the old Orish saying has it! love Dee Dee
Tee Hee! This is SUCH fun Donall! ! Someone is obviously pressing the MUSE button loud and clear.... HG: -) xx
Donall- Almost makes me wanna go find a frock! lol- shannon