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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Poem By Lisel Mueller

Let us begin each day by thanking the Lord,
For this life He has give,
And all that we have got.
Think of those who are less fortunate than
And count your blessings, each day, anew!

By being jealous of others, and always speaking
You can never cover-up your own shortcomings!
For ill words, like the boomerang, of those
Ausralian tribes,
Has a habit of hitting back, on all your lies!
Till one day you stand disgraced, amongst relatives
and friends,
For truth always prevails till the very end!

Be wary of the Lord, though He is merciful
and kind,
He keeps His eyes open, and He is not blind!
If He decides to withdraw a few blessings given
to you,
You will regret it all your life, not knowing
what to do!
Try to be a good person instead,
And keep thanking the Lord till your very end.

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Comments (2)

Raj, today is a good day to open your page and read this poem. after the massacre in Mumbai, we have to be thankful for being alive, and count our blessings and celebrate each moment. a good reminder, lest we regret later.10 Mamta
Greetings again Raj. I loved the insight and the great message. Good work! Loyd