I'm no count ask my psychiatrist still I should count my blessings
there's no need to make a list they're hardly glad tidings
they soothed and comforted for a while
now they're a worry against theft
and must be sold for a dubious debt
I'll have my sanity for a while.

So I sell all my goods
give the money to the rich
give it to some witch
will God love me more
what was all the work for
and who are hoods?

The ones who took my key and cause me to worry
gnaw at my sanity and try to make me flee
they leave me feeling lonely do nothing for my dignity
their lives are just vanity for them I have no envy.
I made a grave mistake asked a pretty for a date
she turned it into hate the like is oft my fate
she plays her games incessantly carries on frighteningly free
a thousand more will pass her way they'll toy around with fun and play
will anyone ever decide to stay can she think of such a day.
Suspended me from school though cause I thought too slow
so I spend my time alone sometimes feeling quite forlorn
the alternative so it seems based on many broken dreams
is damned if you do you harass a Sue
damned if you don't the queer who won't.

by Jacques Gauvin

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