Counter Currents

At the surface each person, thing or event poses two opposites
Mind catches one and runs with it without looking back or sideways
With the flight comes a number of companions in its wake to give sympathy
Take away the discrminating power to prevent the flow and reverse self-pity
Not able to find the root cause of endless runs of futile and restless origin
Nor able to question validity with past lessons learned and stand to reason
Shoots like a meteor in the friendly sky bringing destruction and fire
Causing lots of frustrations, jealosy, hatred, enmity and ire
Either learn to be a bystander or actively oppose the flow to slow down
Ferocity of the moment annulled embracing good attitude as a crown
Being a witness to all of these bring a sense of detachment and dispassion
Helps develop the faculty of generating counter currents of powerful emotion


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