(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

Counterfeit Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid, many fallacies ascribe your destined trip
Of course I'd like to clip your wings, for an uneven fit
For ones, in-love-with, who are in-love-with another
Past sibling rivalry love or humanity’s type for a brother

Everyone’s up for love, just can’t decide which frame
I’m in love for Heaven’s sake and true Destiny’s claim
For all God offers there’s a counterfeit easy to except
Poetry is a counterfeit creation to reality’s true concept

Cupid you’re a false pretence made of flatteries to wane
Happiness can be cheap enough as dearly we pay for it vain
Let hope be of Jacob's Pillar, Stone of Destiny Dreams
Your counsel‘s based on insecurity, false hope’s schemes

But what test of True-Love’s best, the kiss of living wine
Humbly so, the Word’s my test for Wisdom’s gems divine
Does love feed only the ego, or does it not nurture the soul
Love seeks not it’s own but love to give for Love’s whole

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Comments (2)

Wow. I enjoyed the passion, and the message and the words. Almost too intense to bear. Well, shouldn't poetry be that way? Dickinson's little poem 'I dreaded that first robin so - ' also contains quite a message. Not as stormy as yours, however! Not an easy experience, but Pegasus sometimes give one a rough ride.
AMEN and well said, this rings with truth