Counting Blessings

Poem By Lewis Eron

Counting our blessings is not arithmetic
Sometimes subtracting is better than addition
Division beats out multiplication

Counting our blessings does not require an accountant
There is not tax on wealth
We don’t need a calculator
Or have to run a spread sheet
We don’t even need a sharp pencil
Or, for that matter, a sharp mind.

We count our blessings in our heart
Beat by beat
Or with our fingers and toes
By wiggling them
Or with our eyes by waking up
Or with our lips by kisses

We count our blessings
By our friends
By our breath
By the raindrops
And by our moments

Counting blessings is not arithmetic
It is a higher order of math
Where there are no variables
Or equations to balance
Or lines to describe

In counting blessing
One can be a million
Or a million zero
Or zero everything
It all depends
On how we count.

Comments about Counting Blessings

I like the way you tell us to count our blessings: by wiggling our toes....

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