Counting Moments….

One by one,
Two by two,
Slowly they all leave,
Leaving behind you.
Threatened by your
Own self-continuos and fear,
Afraid to fall in love,
Death may be near,
Left in the darkness,
Trying to hide,
No one left,
In whom you can confide,
The past comes back,
The future crumbles,
The reaper’s words,
Fading mumbles,
A deadly fear,
Grows deep within,
A twisted game,
No one will win,
Waiting for help,
To be saved by a prince,
The memory of each scar
Makes you wince,
An arousal to scream,
Stopped by pressure,
Of the darkness within,
Deep wounds unmeasured,
Finally scream,
But nothing comes out,
Trapped in a box,
Unable to shout,
Three by three,
Four by four,
Slowly bleeding,
Unanswered cries demand for more.

by Jasleen Sangha

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