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Counting Poem For The Very Young
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Counting Poem For The Very Young

One little boy so precious and sweet
One little girl with cute little feet.
Two small babies are more precious than one
Two small boys can add to the fun.

Three little birds build a fine nest
Three little angels guard them best.
They keep them warm and content at night
And protect them �till the morning light.

Four little dogs so cute and friendly
Four little children treat them kindly.
Five small kittens like their milk
Five little spiders spin fine silk.

Six little ants work hard all day
six little ponies eat their hay.
Some are big, some are small
Some are short and some are tall.

Seven little raindrops fall to the ground
Seven little balls are red and round.
Eight small children play at the park
Eight small flowers some yellow; some dark.

Nine little seeds, I watch them grow
Nine little trees all in a row.
Ten big cookies made from ginger
Ten big children with ten fingers.

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