Man In The Mirror

I put on this straight face like everything is fine
When there is so much insecurity swirling around my mind
I try to act like I have it all figured out
When really I'm being destroyed by this heart full of doubt
Filled with this head so confused
Filled with this past of being so used
Covered with these bruised to remind me
I look around all over just trying to find me
Trying to forget the mistakes of my past
But I can't outrun them, because they chase me so fast
I look in the mirror and see this broken reflection
See an empty stare filled with no motivation
There's a smile on his face, but his eyes are so empty
He tries to act strong, but his interior is so wimpy
Tries to act all cool and collected
The chaos inside is never reflected
Afraid to show the world his true self
So he just hides away in his shell
Afraid to even poke out his head
So he stays closed up instead
Afraid to portray any emotion
Afraid to show any commotion
Afraid to show any panic
When really he has always been so frantic
He is afraid of so many things
But he will never tell the anxiety that the smallest things bring
Inside is such a mess
But he will never confess
So he continues to live this lie
Trying to be a completely different guy
The man in the mirror reaches out and the mirror shatters
The glass hits the ground and clatters
And I'm left to stare at the broken reflection
Showing clearly all its imperfection

by Ryan David Ginsberg

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