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Countless Reasons To Smile!

A lovely cat on a soft pillow
a gentle Arowana as he catches my throw
a gorgeous Waling-waling as she seduced me in purity
A zephyr that tickled my uncertainty.

A Coconut oil as he purify the flesh
a serving of Pinakbet that delight the prince
a brewed Kape_Barako as he awaken me with his sting
a Mango shakes as she enticed my being.

A daughter smile, a son's tantrum
a neighbor songs, a daily humdrum
a vendors yell for the sake of his goods
a soap opera for a drama unfold.

Alas! Countless indeed! Countless indeed!
Why we frown? Why we gripe?
Simple joy is boundless gift
for you to share, for us to take.

Milk, Wine and poetry
books, music and pottery
countless indeed! Countless indeed!
Even the sand are outnumbered.

When the twilight comes and the Prince will go
to meet the King beyond the blue
when my epilogue will be concluded
I don't asked ovation but SMILE instead.

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